Zero Knowledge Proofs

      ZKP is an acronym that stands for Zero-Knowledge-Proofs

    Zero-Knowledge Proofs is a cryptographic protocol used for the preservation of privacy and anonymity. The method by which it works is by having a party prove their knowledge of a given topic without revealing any extra information. 

     Sally lost her phone at the gym a few days ago & Ben, the gym owner, found it by the treadmill. Ben put up a sign in the gym saying, that the phone will be given to the person who can prove it is theirs. Evil man Artem saw Ben find the phone, so after the post, he shows up and says “It is my phone because I know where I lost it, by the treadmills”. Luckily, good girl Lucy is next in line and she hears Artem say that. She sees the phone about to be handed over and screams WAIT. Maybe I can’t prove whos phone it is but I prove whose it is not!  Interested Ben asks, “how?”. Make whoever is getting the phone back prove their ownership by unlocking the phone in front of you. A day later Sally comes to the gym and sees the lost phone sign. She walks in, proves that she is the owner by unlocking it and everybody is happy.

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