Ransomware is a a form or malware that infects at the hardware device level and locks users out of their own files/machines. 

     Whenever a machine is infected with ransomware, the only way to remove the virus is to pay the hacker who deployed the virus. The hacker is holding your device/data as a hostage and wants payment from you to get your own stuff back. If you choose not to pay them they can do the following:

1) Keep all of your private personal & sensitive data away from you.
2) Keep you out of your device forever
3) Publish all of your private personal data all over the internet

     One of the most famous events of a ransomware attacks was the attack on HBO. The hacker demanded immediate payment in Bitcoin or else they would release all the new seasons/episodes of Game Of Thrones, Room 104 & Ballers online for free. They got paid.



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