Quantitative Easing

      QE is the acronym for Quantitative Easing . 

      Quantitative Easing is an unconventional monetary policy instituted by the United States Federal Reserve in response to the 2008 global financial meltdown. 

     Under the Hood, QE works by allowing government to buy long term securities on the open market as a means to combat economic downturn. By doing so the government stabilizes corporate failure and combats consumer spending problems, by stimulating the circulating amount of money in the economy. In order to realize this, governments expand the money supply by printing more money. The is double-edged sword due to the results of expanding the circulating supply of money, more of the assets in circulation devalues each single monetary unit; thereby amplifying inflation. Initially there was only supposed to be 1 phase/cycle of QE, however private interests in government rankings saw the potential to further corrupt the public wellbeing while stuffing their pockets and QE has now become a policy that can be utilized Ad Hoc. 

     As the purchases mature they are systematically sold back into the open markets to the public.  



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