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NVT stands for Network Value : Transactions

The NVT of a crypto network determines the ratio between its market capitalization and the value of the transactions its handles based on a 24 hour period.

 If a network is worth $1M with a token that is work 1$, and handles $100,000 worth of value transfers daily, then the NVT of that network is 10.

A High NVT ratio will tend to indicate high levels of speculation & Low levels indicate price action that is closer to a networks face value.

Crypfo’s method of implementing an NVT ratio is augmented in order to reflect the “healthy running NVT” of an asset over the last year.

Supply turnover represents the daily traded volume against the Total asset market capitalization.

The supply turnover helps gain insight to the velocity of the underlying assets movement.

A High turnover shows the asset changing hands rapidly and shines light on the proportionate desire of market participants to hold or just speculate on an asset.

Utilizing this metric, it becomes possible to gain insight into the involved communities psyche to being a trader or a holder. 

The Orderbook Pressure Metric available in the specifications section of every asset is an established ratio between the open markets Buys-VS-Sells. 

The metric helps identify true spot liquidity of an asset.

Exchange dependency is a numeric value that defines:

How much an asset relies on its top exchange (by volume) against other active exchanges.

The higher the number the most severely an asset represent definitive DEPENDENCY to its single leading exchange; while numbers on the lower side show slightly more economic independence.

The Governance Model is the state & severity of a projects control delegation. Crypfo employs 5 separate Tiers of Governance Models:

– Centralized –
– Semi Centralized –
– Hybrid –
– Hybrid Decentralized –
– Decentralized –

Blog Frequency simply states how often a project is interacting with the community though their BLOG communication channel.

The result accounts over the last 6-10 post period and then averaged out to a PER DAY basis.

The Top 10 Accounts % shows the wealth concentration of the top 10 accounts according to how much percent of an asset they hold. 

Certain projects use the top accounts as distribution accounts; those accounts are discounted.

Social Concentration is a metric created by CRYPFO in order to present the disparity of a crypto projects social platforms audiences. 

Numbers closer to 1 represent even audience distribution.

Numbers further from 1 represent un-even audience distribution.

Outlook is the prospective long term economic viability of a project. This score is purely subjective to the Crypfo team and is not financial advice.

There are 7 major trusted sources of crypto listing data and Crypfo utilizes them all in order to maximally validate a projects viability:

-Messari Crypto

A project must be listed on at least 5 of the 7 specified locations.

Blocktime is the term used to describe how long it takes for a transaction to be included into the Ledger. Longer blocktimes tend to bring about higher levels of security, white lower times bring more throughput and functionality.

Longer blocktimes tend to indicate higher levels of security and transaction finality.


Crypfo.info is an Independent Ratings Agency and Deep Research Platform, –> About

We aggregate our market data across the industry leaders:

-Crypto 360,

No. Crypfo.info is an  independent economic entity. In order to avoid collusion & manipulation, Crypfo.info has decided against endorsing any specific projects.

The Founders of Crypfo have had previous projects in the crypto industry, non of which were Crypto assets. Any projects that do endorse Crypfo are independent, third party, [NON CRYPTO_ASSET] projects.

Crypfo.info produces evaluation reports Weekly. The amount of reports is dictated by the complexity of the projects being reported on.

Projects that have already been Evaluated get revisited bi-weekly; Unless there are extenuating circumstances such as market overhauls, regulatory burdens and so on. 

The Criteria for selecting which Projects are are to be assessed are based on greater industry trends and project authenticity. 

Some basic requirements are:

– MarketCap Minimum: ~$1,000,000
– Lisiting on at least 3 Listing services (such as Coin Market Cap / CoinGecko / Coinlib, etc)
– 6 months minimum History

Otherwise, Crypto assets can be recommended by the crypfo community .


A.I.M. = Asset Identification Matrix.

It is the framework employed by Crypfo in order to extrapolate a cryptoasset’s Archetype.

An Archetype is the general classification group  that a crypto asset falls into. Its greater Category & Identity.

A Risk Class is the state of a projects likelihood of causing unwanted financial problems if invested in.

Not Financial Advice.

Crypfo Provides Scores across 3 dimensions. Community – Decentralization – Preciousness 

Community – is a the score which reflects the well-being of all involved actors within a crypto project.

Accounting for Social Media audience activity and the projects involvement with it.

Governance – is a the score which defines the degree to which a project delegates control of itself to the public.

This can also be though of as a gauge determining the where on the spectrum between Centralized – Decentralization an asset falls.

Asset Value Proposition – is a score which reflects the theoretic economic outlook a crypto projects native asset and its viability in an open global market.

The Value Proposition of every asset is unique to itself; the value proposition is heavily dependent on the industry / purpose of a project.

A Smart Contract Platform-Utiltiy with a 75 AVP is not the same as a Privacy currency with a 75 AVP.

Each score has its own purpose (Which can be found here).
At a high level, when the scores are all cross referenced they create a picture of the “State” of a crypto project.

The reason behind not openly publishing the Crypfo Formulas is to avoid gaming of the system.

However, Crypfo will be releasing its formulas to the public at some point in the future.

Any Questions unanswered?

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