Decentralized or decentralization, is a governance structure whereby power over a system is not concentrated in the hands of a single entity.

     In decentralized environments, multiple parties are involved in overseeing health development and operations of processes. Every participant is interested in upholding the integrity of the system for personal reason and disincentivized to act maliciously because the remaining parties are would be able to overrule and even deny the fraudulent activity.

     Decentralization is the core ideology that propelled cryptocurrency to take on the image of sovereign money. Traditionally, monetary policy is controlled by a single entity, government. However, as history has shown us, governments are good until they are not. Government officials dis-alignment themselves from serving the public and look to benefit themselves at the cost of others. Most commonly this is conducted through money printing known as hyper-inflation. Whenever this happens, market participants (civilians) are forced to suffer a devaluation of their cash and lose buying power. If there had been a form of governance whereby the people impacted monetary policy, then such events are less likely to occur. 

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