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What is Crypfo? is an Independent Ratings Agency and Deep Research Platform focused on Cryptocurrency and the Digital Economy.  


Mission / Vision believes in the promise of a superfluid & hyper-connected Global economic future.

 Crypfo realizes that in order to reach the grand promises of UBI, Global Interconnectivity, superfuild finance, and value rehypothication (among others); the proper intellectual infrastructure must be implemented. It must be robust and elegant. Open and Transparent. Anonymous and Accessible. intendeds to serve the crypto & blockchain industry vertically and horizontally by servicing governments, companies, individuals, and everyone in between by deriving fundamental abstractions of crypto-economic systems and providing them for advanced digestion and the production of proper financial instruments. also believes that an independent rating agency will allow for the extended provision of trust in the case with a DEFI economy. Crypfo has positioned itself to promote the digital economy

Our Beliefs

Quality Data

Value is a vague word with many meanings, especially in the experimental economic circumstances of Cryptocurrency. Crypfo delivers information that is capable of withstanding rigorous testing and proving itself as the cornerstone of healthy decision making.

Asset That Matter will not waste any of its users time by promoting "shitcoins". Any assets that are presented by Crypfo have subjected to deep evaluations, and only those that qualify (with prospective concepts into the deep future) are listed.

Trusted Sourcing

Due to the vast unproven sources of information out there. does its due diligence in researching whenever sourcing any data. Crypfo does not rely on a single source for any of its own information..

Do Not Stop

Information does not stop moving and evolving. In the world of Crypto, information is only getting faster and faster, We are not here to play catch up; we are here to lead.

Hybrid Development does not believe that "intuition & luck" will guarantee victory. Therefore, it has set out to divine evaluation frameworks based on proven strategies and dial in the correct methods fit for a Digital Economy.

Disclaimer: is not a licensed financial, legal, investment, or political advisory; concurrently all of the content provided by is intended to serve informational purposes. Nothing offered by or any of its constituents is to be misconstrued as investment advice. & its constituent cannot be held responsible for any of the third party sources from which information is derived. Moreover, the methods employed by have not been peer reviewed and thus are presented as a pre-alpha version. Crypfo is not endorsed by, nor does it endorse, any crypto / blockchain / DLT projects that it provides information on. Any proprietary information produced by is subject to change at any moment without notice. Furthermore, would like to clarify that making any decisions solely on the information communicated is unsound and not advised. does not carry any liability in the occurrence of any financial or other losses that may be incurred from the misuse of provided data.

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